03 August, 2015

Flies and Flowers III: Ecology of Foraging and Pollination

by Inouye et al.

This bumble bee mimic is a Syrphid fly
Flies (the Diptera) are important flower visitors and pollinators for many plant species and in a variety of habitats.  Diptera are not as well studied as other groups of pollinators, and not nearly as much is known about their foraging and effectiveness as pollinators as is known for bees, butterflies, moths, and bird pollinators. This paper reviews the available information about how fly foraging is influenced by environmental variables, their foraging behaviour, and interactions with other flower visitors.  We conclude that Diptera exhibit many of the same foraging behaviours as other flower visitors and that they are effective pollinators in both natural and agricultural ecosystems. 

Read the scientific publication in JPE.

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