10 November, 2015

Pollination syndromes - A response to Aguilar et al.’s (2015) critique of Ollerton et al. (2009)

by Waser, Ollerton and Price

Bumble bee and butterfly in Tenerife
Pollination syndromes continue to attract much discussion and debate in the scientific literature, and in their reply to Ollerton et al.'s (2015) Journal of Pollination Ecology critique, Aguilar et al. (2015) take issue with both the critique and an earlier paper (Ollerton et al. 2009). In our response to their reply we point out that what Aguilar et al. (2015) seem to see as fatal flaws in the earlier study (Ollerton et al. 2009) are in fact no such thing, and stem from a misunderstanding of that paper. No doubt the discussion of pollination syndromes will continue for some time to come.

Read the scientific publication in JPE.

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