05 March, 2018

Predominant nocturnal pollination Abronia umbellata (Nyctaginaceae)

by Laura A. D. Doubleday and Christopher G. Eckert

Abronia umbellata
Pollinators exert natural selection on the flowers they visit, affecting how flowers evolve over time. Different groups of pollinators, like nocturnal moths or diurnal bees, often have distinct preferences in choosing which flowers to visit. The colours, shapes, sizes, and scents of many flowers today reflect interactions with specific pollinators over evolutionary time, but do not necessarily predict which types of pollinators are important to particular plants today. To determine which flower visitors are effective pollinators, it is important to document the full range of visitors to flowers and determine the relative pollination effectiveness of each group. 

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Read the scientific publication in JPE.

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