09 August, 2018

Low overnight temperatures associated with a delay in ‘Hass’ avocado (Persea americana) female flower opening, leading to nocturnal flowering

by DE Pattemore, MN Buxton, BT Cutting, HM McBrydie, RM Goodwin, A Dag

A honey bee visiting a female-phase ‘Hass’
avocado flower.
Our research into the flowering cycle of avocado trees has found that the timing of flower opening is associated with temperature; colder temperatures are linked with a delay in flower opening which results in flowers remaining open at night.
Each avocado flower opens once in a female-phase and then closes before opening again in a male-phase. Pollination (and therefore fertilisation) occurs when pollen is deposited on the receptive stigmas while flowers are in the female-phase. 

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Read the scientific publication in JPE.

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