13 November, 2019

Cucurbits as a model system for crop pollination management

by Jessica L Knapp and Juliet L Osborne

Bombus terrestris covered in Cucurbita pepo pollen © Daphne Wong
Cucurbits are a large plant family which are dependent on insect-pollination for fruit set. The family include the major food genera of Cucurbita (squash, pumpkin), Cucumis (cucumber, melon), and Citrullus (watermelon) and are popular species for pollination studies.

Our review systematically summarises pollination research conducted in cucurbits to ask: 1) what are cucurbits’ requirement for pollination and their most effective pollinators? And 2) Does pollinator management increase pollinator visitation to, and yield of cucurbit crops?

Read the whole summary in: English!
Read the scientific publication in JPE.

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