28 February, 2014

A test of density-dependent pollination within three populations of endangered Pentachaeta lyonii

by Jocelyn R. Holt, Paul Wilson, & Christy A. Brigham

Bee-fly Exoprosopa doris on sunflower Pentachaeta lyonii.
Lyon’s Pentachaeta is an endangered species of sunflower that lives in southern California. In an earlier paper, it was shown to be impacted by vegetative competition from non-native plants. It is now restricted to about 20 populations, and tends to grow on compact soils where the non-natives do poorly. We were interested in whether or not Pentachaeta is currently well pollinated, and how pollination might depend on plant density. Does it get visited and does it set seed even in sparse spots within populations and at the margins of populations? 

Read the whole summary in: English!
Read the scientific publication in JPE.

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