28 February, 2014

Management priorities for agriculture pollination services in africa

by Barbara Gemmill-Herren, Kwame Aidoo, Peter Kwapong, Dino Martins, Wanja Kinuthia, Mary Gikungu and Connal Eardley

Leafcutter bee visiting wild pea flower
Pollinators that occur naturally on farms are important for ecosystem-friendly agriculture. Commonly, farms with much natural vegetation close to the fields, and that have never depended on the pesticides tend to have many more natural pollinators than areas with extensive farming and agrochemical dependence. Of particular importance are the number of individuals and the diversity in species. This is because different crops often need different pollinators. Similarly, a diversity of pollinators need different alternative food plants on which to feed when crops are not in flower.

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Read the scientific publication in JPE.

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